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The Student Experience® Survey can be completed online in less than 15 minutes, protecting valuable instructional time while providing educators with timely and actionable feedback to support educational improvement.

The survey, customizable by classroom, course, class period, or grade, can be administered multiple time during the school year. Results can be used formatively with targeted professional development or as a summative measure to complement other measures. The formative and summative survey reports are designed to build teacher awareness and encourage reflection about the student learning experience. Educators also have access to targeted professional learning resources, including teacher and principal action guides, with strategies for how to RESPOND to the survey results.

A diverse group of teachers and students provided input to enhance the development of the survey.

How does The Student Experience Survey support educational improvement?
  • Customizable feedback by classroom, course, class period, or grade
  • Results can be used formatively and summatively
  • Teacher and principal action guides with strategies for responding to survey results
  • Technology based–no paper or pencil needed