Prepare Teachers

Step 1: DISCOVER The Student Experience® Survey, including why student feedback is important, what the survey measures, and how the results can be used to support educational improvement.

Step 2: Talk to other teachers, your principal, and your school’s survey coordinator. Ask questions, identify opportunities, and address any challenges around implementing The Student Experience® Survey. Prior to administering the survey, teachers should have an understanding of who will be taking the survey, when it will be administered, and how the results can and will be used by the school or district. Review standardized administration procedures to ensure the survey yields reliable, trustworthy feedback.

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Step 3: Set up a survey for each one of your classrooms, courses, class periods, or grades that are participating. Download instructions on how to log in and get started with the survey setup process.

Step 4: Communicate with your students about The Student Experience® Survey. Share the video “Why is The Student Experience® Survey important for students?” to build awareness around the survey, what it measures, and how student feedback can be used to improve the student learning experience. Remind students that it’s important to provide honest feedback, and assure them that all responses are anonymous. Play the tutorial video and read the survey administration script to each group of students before they take the survey.

Step 5: RESPOND by reviewing your survey reports, reflecting on the results, and collaborating with your colleagues around opportunities and strategies for improvement.