Respond Learn How to Interpret
Your Survey Reports

To accurately interpret and respond, first consider your readiness to effectively make meaning of the data. Discover The Student Experience Survey, and learn about the four themes and their research-based definitions. Survey coordinators can log in to access the Overview PowerPoint with Narration.

On your survey report, student responses are grouped into four themes: Classroom Hope, Classroom Engagement, Classroom Belonging, and Classroom Management. Each theme is measured by six survey items or statements. Student responses range from 1 (Strongly Disagree) through 5 (Strongly Agree).

Following the cover page, the first page of the report features a Measures Summary with a snapshot of student responses around each survey theme.

For each theme, the snapshot reports the mean student response, ranging from 1 to 5, across the six survey items that make up that theme. The percentage of student responses at each level of the scale is also provided.

The report also provides more detailed information for each theme, including a definition of the theme and a list of all corresponding survey items with the percent of positive responses and mean response for each item.

The percent of positive responses is the percent of students who strongly agreed with each survey item.

To help you further explore strengths and opportunities for growth, the final section of the report includes a list of the five survey items with the highest and lowest mean responses.

Now you're ready to interpret your report and respond to your students' feedback! To guide your reflective response, professional practice, and collaborative conversations in response to survey results, log in to download the Action Guide. The guide includes research-based strategies and an action plan you can personalize.